09 July 2012

Breaking the Tape

Just getting caught back up after a nice few days spent back home.
The family get-together in Omaha on the 4th was a great time full of catching up with uncles, aunts, and cousins that I don't see often enough.  We had a scavenger hunt that sent six teams all over Omaha hunting down 62 items and it was a riot.  The next few days were full of birding, swimming at the pool, a little shopping, and hiding from the relentless triple digit heat with books and movies.
On Saturday, homebase and I went into Imogene for the 5k(ish) run/walk.  It is part of the Shamrock Days celebration and I was excited for the tshirt and to check out the route.  Amazingly, I got out in front early and ended up winning the race!  A few important details...there were probably only a couple dozen people...and a few of them were walkers...there was only 1 other male runner.  For being the big winner, I took home a couple of free car wash passes, a free month membership to a workout facility, and a coozie.  :) 

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  1. Best fourth we have had in awhile. Loved it. It was hot that day of the race so hurrah for you for winning.Thanks for coming, I had a great week. Now to have the grandkids come, another special time yipee.