02 July 2012

Beckham Vents

The comment on Sportcenter was, "He is accurate with the football."
A few supporting points:  it is utter crap that he was not given one of the three spots for older players on the GB Olympic team.  Craig Bellamy? Micah Richards?! After all the work that Beckham has done to help London land the games and then to promote them...ridiculous and rude.  So, I'm sure he was a bit chaffed on this day.  Plus, this is in stoppage time and the dude is obviously just wasting time and faking being hurt.  David's well-placed ball bounces and then hits the guy on the knee, pretty sure it wasn't too painful and, amazingly, the injured guy is now fine and springs right up to go yell at the referee about something new and then join in the ruckus with Beckham.  The only thing missing was a punch for the mascot when he got in Beckham's kitchen.
That pirate goatee needs to go though.  

1 comment:

  1. Ahh Beckham... can do no wrong... :) Love the way he nails the guy, what was that mascot trying to do anyway. ?