12 June 2012

Texas Trip

Took a quick trip down to Dallas over the weekend and here are a few of the highlights...
  • Made it back to North Main BBQ over in Euless. All the food was good but the ribs were out of sight.  The buffet was awesome for sampling a little of everything in one visit, but dangerous since you can eat as much as you want.  My stomach was near the bursting point by the time we left.  As I was writing this, I saw that Ted Allen chose the ribs here on Food Network "Best Thing I Ever Ate: BBQ" episode AND saw it is BYOB, in case tea (sweet & unsweet) isn't your thing.
  • Flew first class both ways and realized that drinks were complimentary on the flight home.  Those first-class folks do have it pretty nice, boarding first, served water while the rest of the plane boards, ample leg and elbow room, they took my drink order before we even left the ground, she checked back with me to see how my gin & tonic was, and first off the plane too.  Better not get used to it since I probably won't ever afford it.
  • Checked out Dealey Plaza, the Grassy Knoll and the JFK Museum again.  Standing there on the curb is so
  • I'd been to the Old West Cafe for breakfast before, but this time I ordered a lemon pancake for the table to try and it was fantastic.  Plus eating a quarter of it was just the right amount.
  • I saw a couple hummingbirds (black-chinned, I think) and also saw, and heard, lots of great-tailed grackles.  They were in a lot of parking lots and I couldn't believe how loud they were and how crazy their noises were! Give 'em a listen here and here.  I read that they can gather in group of up to half a million in the sugar cane fields in Texas.

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