21 June 2012

Lebron Reads

Anytime a celeb publicly models a love of reading and illustrates lifelong learning, it is a good thing.  When that celeb is the most famous professional basketball player around who appeals especially to a key demographic of adolescent male urban kids, it is fantastic.  And I love his reasons for doing it, to minimize his time spent on social media and watching TV. 
Whether you like him or not, this story should be enjoyed. 
Plus, even though I've been cheering for OKC, you can not argue with how he has been playing in the Finals. 


  1. I Love This!!!!What a cool thing to do... for yourself--I have had good luck this summer finding good books--since school has been out I have read-7 books and have 8 on my table from the library or friends waiting for me...also have a list of 10 or so that are waiting to be requested at the library or to buy used on amazon.. Bring on the books in summer. I am so glad this sports writer did this piece-kids need to read, and read, and get outside in the sun, wind and water. End of soapbox. :)

  2. Lebron was genuinely dominant in the Finals. Lots of Wow! there & certainly deserving of all of his accolades. The article was well done, and I agree that this is a terrific role-modeling that he's performing here, even if unintended.