16 June 2012

It's a Good World

A good college friend had this Coca-Cola commercial on their Facebook wall this morning and got a little watery-eyed watching it.  There are so many great clips and they come so fast.  I had to rewatch it a few times.  I love the guys in the "attacks of friendship" part.  And the getting the sofa across the street.  And the potato chip dealer.  And the peace graffiti.
Seriously, it's great, watch it.

1 comment:

  1. Love it, so many nice moments, they are quick, the guy that got off the motorcycle to push the van off the tracks.. wow, but then... why did he run back while the train almost clipped him.. I thought, dude, stay there a minute.. Yikes. :) I love the sofa one a lot, and the potato chip one.. :)