21 June 2012

Euro2012 Update

The group stage is complete.  I got to watch about half of the games and there were some good ones!  Not a single 0-0 tie!  While I enjoyed seeing all these teams and stars play, I did not, unfortunately, get to cheer my favorite teams to wins.  If I was asked before the tournament who I would be supporting, I would've probably listed them as follows, in order:
Republic of Ireland
Only France is still around for the quarterfinals.  Eight teams went home and I picked 5 of them. :(  Oh well, now it is time to regroup and start following the knockout games, which start this afternoon!

Best goals so far:
Andy Carrol's muscling header off of Steven Gerrard's sublime pass (England vs Sweden)
Mario Balotelli's overhead strike on a corner while holding off John O'Shea (Italy vs Ireland)
Zlatan Ibrahimovic's wicked side-volley (Sweden vs France)
Danny Welbeck's incredible and creative spinning backheel (England vs Sweden)


  1. Great goal selection - I liked Balotelli's team mate encouraging him to drop the holding issue and enjoy goal. (or at least that's how I interpreted the full mouth muzzle he laid on)

    also would submit Pavlyuchenko's goal against Czech Republic, not integral to the game's outcome but great tenacity

  2. That is a great one by Pavlyuchenko. Some great control in the box. Hadn't seen it. Plus his name is so fun.
    I also went back and added Danny Welbeck's goal from the England vs Sweden game.

    Hard to say what was being silenced with Balotelli. That guy is in a league of his own when it comes to egos and outspokenness.

    Lastly, another highlight for me has been listening to Michael Ballack's commentary between games. Getting to listen to him and Roberto Martinez has helped offset having to hear from Alexi Lalas and Bob Ley.

  3. Welbeck's should top the list here. AMAZING. even in slow motion it's hard to follow. like something out of a game of HORSE.... "ok I'm going to shoot this backwards, in the air, between the legs, and off my heel"