02 June 2012

Dam to Dam '12

4:40 am - Get out of bed.  I had a really crappy night of sleep due to some nerves and uncertainty so I was actually out of bed before my alarm went off.
5:00 am - Dressed, bag packed,  Gatorade made, toast toasted, I left the house and headed downtown.
5:27 am - After parking in the Nationwide ramp (and some unsettling flashbacks while doing so) I hopped right onto a bus.
5:52 am - Step off the bus and begin wasting some time and trying to stay warm (upper 50's at the start).  Used this time to decided whether to wear my headphones or not.  Put them on, took them off, put them back on.  Dropped my gear at the bag drop.
6:34 am - Took a final pee behind a tree and started the long walk across the dam to the starting area.
7:00 am - Gun time.
Mile 3 - put in my headphones and turned on the music.
Mile 5 - poured most of a cup of water on my headphones and iPod shuffle.
Mile 6.2 - Sucked down my energy gel.
Mile 7 - headphones begin cutting out.
Mile 9 - turned off music, started praying Rosary.
Mile 11 - tried to return to the music but found iPod to be dead.
Mile 12 - ran past the Isiserettes and powered into the finish chute.

I felt pretty great for most of the race, especially the first half.  Those first ~7-8 miles were great, partially overcast and not hot.  This was my first D2D running by myself so I wasn't really sure how to run it.  I worked my way up to the 8 minute split sign at the start and that helped a lot with congestion (was able to cut almost a minute off last year just by this alone) and I found two or three good runners over the course that I just fell in behind and paced off of them for a while.  My split were not as consistent as last year, but I just told myself I was going to run whatever felt good and obviously I was feeling good a the beginning, the hill at mile 7 slowed things down a little, then I picked it up again for a couple miles before exhaustion brought me down a little.  I ran most of miles 2-5 on the sandy or grassy shoulder, trying to prevent foot fatigue from setting in during those last few miles and I do think it helped some.  I got a great high 5 from caboose at mile 8 and a high five from Forey Jacobson around mile 11. 
Splits: Mile 1= 9:05, 2= 7:42, 3= 8:08, 4= 8:22, 5= 8:13, 6= 8:18, 7= 8:30, 8&9= 16:29 (8:15's), 10= 8:33, 11= 8:39, 12= 8:39, 0.4= 3:24.   First half= 51:36. Last half= 52:23. Avg split= 8:22.  Total= 1:43:59
Finished 1072 of 3186 men (upper third!). 189 of 478 M35-39 (new age bracket this year!).

2010 results. 2011 results


  1. Congratulations on a great run, is this your 3 or 4th run for Dam to Dam? Yeah for Brothers!! Nice job, so glad the weather was good and you trained well. Good job Jake.

  2. You rock. So inspiring.