31 May 2012


I keep a short list of items I need to get and dress shoes (both brown and black) have been on there for quite a while.  Buying dress shoes is not something I enjoy, despite my love of shoe shopping.  For dress blacks, I have a pair of Kenneth Cole shoes that I got from Goodwill when I was living in Chicago.  They've been great but are looking their age now and need to be replaced.  The situation for brown dress shoes is much more bleak.  I've gone without an actual pair of brown dress shoes for at least a year now.  I can be thankful for a job that allows me to wear all brown adidas skate shoes and all black adidas superstars as my footwear.  But when you have to actually dress up...wedding, interview, formal event, etc...that just doesn't cut it.  Neither do the brown TOMS that I wear to work when it gets hot out.  And those guys are three years old now.
So last week I bit the bullet and bought a new pair of black (slate, actually) shoes.  TOMS!  Oops...so not really dress shoes but I know I'll be wearing them lots.
If anyone has great tips on quality dress shoes at decent prices, lemme know.  I'll probably suck it up and buy a couple pairs this summer.


  1. Opt 1

    combo sole will last longer than just leather, not quite as dressy.

    also nice:

    rockport will give you 15% off if you've got an email you're willing to give them.

  2. ooh, good to know about the 15% off. is that in-store? or just online?

    i like those first ones, and also in oxblood. i can't seem to come around to the slip on look. i did see some wingtips on there too that were nice.


  3. I like these but $ and so flat, no arch support, but I saw some boots for winter I might have to have.

  4. i'm learning that i need to spend a decent amount of money on dress shoes if i expect them to last longer than a year. something like $100 to $150 should do the trick.
    i'm also looking to get me a shoe polish/care kit so i can polish them monthly and make sure the lather doesn't crack. hopefully they'll last much longer and then i can support the local shoe repair shops when i need a small fix.
    check out www.zappos.com -- tons of styles, free shipping both ways.

  5. so $10 shoes shouldn't last for 5 years??? :)

    holt - i want to get shoes that i can sit down on the skywalk or airport and get a polish job. i think that'd be nice. do you have shoe trees?

    i LOVE zappos!

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