17 May 2012

Teacher Appreciation

It was Teacher Appreciation Week last week and, when I was in the classroom, it was one of my favorite things to have students fill out teacher appreciation cards for a teacher.  (And also getting a few of those myself.)  Teaching is an incredibly intense job and also very solitary.  You are pretty much on your own with kids all day.  There's very little overseeing, reviewing, mentoring or coaching that happens.  And, as a result, there's also very little recognition that happens.
I was helping an elementary teacher today and she showed me what their principal had put in each teacher's mailbox...a stress ball, and a "tackle" box to tackle any problem, stocked with 2 TUMS, w Lifesavers, 4 Advil, some chocolate and exact change to buy a pop.  Pretty thoughtful in my book.  Tip of the hat to that administrator.  So, even though it was last week, if you encounter any teachers, don't be afraid to show them a bit of gratitude!


  1. i like it. thoughtful and actually useful (though i bet the chocolate doesn't last the week in most of their desks!) :)


  2. nice, our principal did nothing- no awards for her but our super at least emailed us!! ha ha.