18 May 2012

Subversing the Subverser

"When Graffiti Strikes Back"...a great article by the guys at Freakonomics on Marc Jacob's witty reply to the actions of a vandal/graffiti artist, Kidult.  After painting "ART" across the front of the Marc Jacobs shop in SoHo (he's also vandalized Louis Vuitton, Hermes, etc), Marc Jacobs released a $680 t shirt with a picture of it on it.  As the article points out, it is reminiscent of "Exit through the Gift Shop."
The similar stories they link to regarding Dick Gregory and the n-word as well as the pledge-a-picketter and the Westboro nutjobs are both worth reading.


  1. great stuff here. I always feel a bit sluggish after reading the freakonomics stuff. like i've been mentally stuffing myself with cheetos while lounging on the couch...


  2. clarifiation: it's the clarity of thought and unusual insight from Gladwell et al that make me realize this. not their writings... (is actually any clearer? hmm maybe not)