08 May 2012

Mincer's Strawberry Patch

Berry on the Stem (#0249)Patch is Muddy Today (#0260)Strawberries (#0251)Strawberries (#0253)Quality Assurance (#0255)At Work in the Fields (#0257)
Fruits of Labor (#0258)Strawberry Jam (#0262)

Mincer's Strawberry Patch, a set on Flickr.
homebase and I took a break from an incredible morning of birdwatching (more to come on that) to pick strawberries at Mincer's Orchard. The day couldn't have been nicer. Incredibly sunny, warm but not hot and a nice breeze. Although the sign warned of muddy conditions, there were none to worry about. You can sample as many as you like while picking and I think we both maximized that offer. These berries were SO good. So much softer than supermarket berries. Warm, ripe, fully red, no tough green ends. And to top it off, homebase whipped up a batch of strawberry jam before I left to drive back to DSM so I can't wait to put a little (or a lot) of that on toast this week. A great and memorable experience. Thanks Madre!

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  1. Your photos are award worthy, you captured the sunny lovely day for sure. Lots of fun.