04 May 2012

Lunch Birding

I've been trying to get to Gray's Lake on a Wednesday lunch for several weeks now to check out their 'Birding Basics' group.  This week I finally was able to squeeze it in.  And it was so nice to be able to leave work behind, grab my binocs and enjoy the fresh air for 40 minutes.  The guy leading it, John Bissell, is super knowledgeable and even though we hardly covered any ground at all, we saw lots of fun things.  Of particular note, to me, were the following since I had not crossed them off my life list yet.  (clockwise from top left) Warbling Vireo, Tree Swallow, Grey Catbird, Baltimore Oriole.  I hope to make it again before it ends at the end of the month!

1 comment:

  1. oh, that is a warbling vireo? Just saw him at my bird feeder! thanks for posting.