22 May 2012

Good Monday (addendum)

As I was laying in bed last night, doing my best Bing Crosby, "you'll fall asleep, counting your blessings" I realized just what a good day it had been.  So I had to add this on to the free chai that started it all off:
  • Ran into a former student that had just graduated from college and talked with her about jobs, moving to Chicago, etc.
  • The upstairs neighbor brought by a ziplock full of mulberries that she had picked from one of our trees in the backyard.  
  • At the YMCA, ran into another former student, one that I had had in my homeroom, who is just finishing her first year at Simpson.  Got a hug, met her bf, talked about school, studying, basketball/ACL rehab and her choice of education as a major.
  • The neighbor from the house next door flagged me down after I had parked and offered, practically begged me to take a few heirloom tomato plants off her hands.  She had ran out of room, had several extra, and had seen my tomatoes last year so was hoping I had room for a couple more.  I am very excited to see how they do.  They are from Coyote Run Farms and should be interesting!

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