07 May 2012

Garden Work

Friday afternoon, I was off a little early since I'd worked late the night before and I used that extra time well.  Roosevelt Barbershop got me cleaned up for the weekend, then I swung by Miller Hardware on Carpenter & MLK.  As I was sitting getting my hair cut, I was just thinking, there's no reason to go all the way out to Menard's or Home Depot if I don't need to.  I drive by Miller pretty much everyday and I've never been in.  That is unfortunate.  The guy who helped me out was probably in his 60's or 70's, and he led around the store, weaving in and out of its maze of aisles.  They know how to maximize their floorspace in there!  Checking one area, not happy with the results, leading me into the back area, finding exactly what I needed (a roll of chicken wire) and actually saving me some money since he assured me that the rabbits can't jump very high so I only needed a 1 foot fence.  Some fastener steeples and a $10 bill and I was out of there and spent the next hour or so putting the thing up.
The finished product didn't look half bad, especially considering the beds run slightly downhill. 
On Saturday afternoon, I headed out to Piney Ridge and made my selections for this year's garden.  Three different tomato plants (a Roma, a container cherry (Lizzano) and another cherry (Sweet Baby Girl), a pepper plant (Sweet Heat), Genovese Basil plants, spinach, Spanish yellow onions, some marigolds and a container cucumber plant.  I added some jalapenos and cilantro that I've sprouted from seed.  So in the diagram, don't fret over the 11 jalapeno plants that are shown.  I plan on thinning them out, I just wasn't sure how they would transplant and wanted to hedge my bets a little.  If anyone would like a potted basil plant, let me know!

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