08 May 2012

Charlie Trotter's to Close

I heard a short interview with Charlie Trotter this morning on NPR and, despite the interviewers intent to focus on "the end of the road" and "throwing in the towel" as he is closing his eponymous Chicago landmark restaurant in August, but Mr. Trotter spoke about how there were other things he was interested in and that, after 25 years, he wanted to pursue them.  He is going back to school (despite suffering from dyslexia) to get his Masters in philosophy.  Good for him for not being deterred from chasing another of his dreams.  His restaurant has at times been voted the best in the country.
Last night at the James Beard awards, he was awarded the Humanitarian of the Year Award for his work making culinary school possible for urban kids in need.  This great article gives a little insight to the man, the restaurant experience and the future. I love the bit about the wine cellars. 
Obviously I never ate there during my Chicago stint, but I did bike by its distinguished facade regularly as I made my way down Armitage to referee sand volleyball on North Ave beach.
"All of us in this room that are interested in hospitality and gastronomy and service and cuisine, but what's the point if you're not going to give something away? You can make a difference. That's the fun part."

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  1. I had no idea that restaurant costs like that, crazy, I could not enjoy eating there --I would be adding the bill the whole time Ha.