10 May 2012

Captial Pub & Hot Dog Co.

It's been a long hiatus since my last south side restaurant review.  But I had was over by McKinley Elementary last week and it was getting late (which means past noon) and it popped into my head to check out Capital Pub & Hot Dog Co.  I've driven by it dozens of times and I'd read SH's review of it back in November. 
I had the Chicago dog.  In retrospect, that might not be the best way to judge a hot dog place.  I obviously ate my share of them while living there so I have some high standards.  But, I will point out that SH also said that it failed to compare to something you'd get in the Loop.  There was only 1 pepper on my guy (but I see that SH's photo shows THREE!).  At $5, the Chicago was one of the lower to mid-priced dogs and I added on waffle fries for another $2.  Not a bad price, although once to tack on tax & tip, it probably isn't going to make its way into my usual lunch rotation.  It's a nice option to change things up if you are on the SE side of downtown, riding/running the MLK trail, taking a tour of the Capital or getting ready for an I-Cubs game. 

1 comment:

  1. yea, not the best hot dogs i've ever had but a fun location! sorry you got ripped off on the peppers.