23 April 2012

The Weekend in Pictures


 To celebrate the end of the week and Nicole's new job, we enjoyed some bar competitions and capped it off with some sushi.
 Saturday, since the weather wasn't great, I did some birding from the car while exploring Water Works and spotted one Harris's Sparrow amongst a flock of Chipping Sparrows!  Also fun to note that goldfinches are back!
Spent the evening hanging out with great friends and pulling carpet staples for six hours, along with healthy doses of pizza, beer and laughter.
(My hands are still sore.)
 Drove to Omaha for mass, a fantastic lunch with the family and some decadent cheesecake to celebrate some upcoming good news.
Enjoyed some great evening weather getting a 7 miler in, breaking in my new shoes!


  1. love this format. cool pictures, very crisp and focused shots

  2. yeah, i thought it was a fun change and since i couldn't think of anything to write about, it was a good cop out.

    *disclaimer* none of these pictures are mine.

  3. I have a little work to do with the foosball table - yikes! Thanks again for the fun night!