16 April 2012

Stormy Weekend

A wild one across the state this weekend.  Saturday is was pouring so hard and blowing so strongly that cars couldn't see driving down Beaver and they were pulling over with their hazards on.  I've seen that on the interstate but not on a residential road before.  caboose and I watched the storm rage from our front stoop and when we lost power around 8:30, we pulled up WHO radio on my iPad (luckily the 3G still worked) and listened to that for a while...until the 3G went out.  It wasn't quite the same as listening to KMA960 back home when you knew it was storm season when there was a Royals game on and the severe weather signal going in the background.  We busted out some candles and the chess board and entertained ourselves with that for a while until around 10:30, with no power I called it a night.  The power came back on around 1 in the morning and I had to get up and shut all the lights and TV off.
Sunday driving around, all the damage was something to see.  I went down to the Bill Reilly trail by Ashworth Pool and went for a long walk, hoping to see some birds but there were any.  And I mean that literally.  There were none.  Luckily, the weather was gorgeous.  Blue skies, sun through the trees, breeze blowing.  There were so many trees down and big ones too!  I snapped a few pix while I was there.
Capped the night with a great meal of super tasty marinated paillards on the grill, sauted green beans, and Alton Brown's baked mac n cheese.  I happened to see that Coachella (a huge live music festival in California) had a live streaming channel on YouTube so we plugged in to the projector and the speakers and had a big screen show of the concerts.  We catch Santigold and Lissie but didn't want to stay up for the headlines at midnight.  Pretty great day to make up for the crazy storms the day before. 

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