05 April 2012

Fight On, teeth or no teeth

stoppable just sent me this video and it deserves instant posting.
APOEL (from Cyprus) has had a Cinderella run in the Champions League this year.  In their match against Real Madrid, their player Paulo Jorge gets stepped on by Christiano Ronaldo and takes a spill into his teammate.  Face into shoulder or back of head, I couldn't really tell.  What you can see though, is the teeth go flying.  And since there is one more that is hanging by a thread, he reaches in, pulls it out and continues the game.  Coach is shocked as he watches.
Although they lost 5-2, this has to be the man of the match.


  1. no flinch, not even a grimace as he yanks the 2nd one.


  2. i know!!! and then he throws it onto the pitch in disgust, like he is disappointed in his tooth for giving up so easily!

  3. Ouch!! Makes me cringe to watch that! Tough dude.