26 April 2012

Champions League Update

Two exciting semifinals are now complete and the match-up for the long awaited final is set.  Surprisingly, Barcelona and Real Madrid were not able to get past their opponents and both bowed out on their home fields this week.  The Barca/Chelsea matches were a clinic in organized, disciplined defensive football as Chelsea smothered Barca and were content to wait for their two or three chances to catch them on the counterattack.  They caught some luck in the first leg and they parked the bus in front of the goal as they say in the second leg.  (highlights from first leg, and second leg).  Real Madrid and Bayern Munich had a back and forth second leg, plenty of scoring and neither team was hold back.  Extra time and a wild series of penalty kicks capped it off. (highlights from second leg).
So, May 19th.  Mark your calendars.  Bayern Munich against Chelsea FC.  Two teams that are not going to win their domestic leagues but will hopefully put on a great final.  One interesting twist is that, in a decision that is made a year or two before the game, the final will be hosted by Munich.  Usually the game is at a neutral location, but Munich was awarded the game this year and their team amazingly has made the final, so they will get to enjoy that advantage.

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