26 March 2012

Spring Break '12

Spring break is my excuse for not blogging much lately.  That, along with the fact that one of the things I gave up for Lent was my computer after 7 pm...which I have LOVED. It has changed the makeup of my evenings.  More time for walks, reading, cleaning, TV watching movies, whatever I feel like
It was a great break with warm temps and it felt long which is always nice.  A little recap of what all I packed in: a great morning drive down to Conception Abbey with homebase for mass, birding at Riverton Wildlife Refuge, the St. Patrick's Day parade in Imogene, grilled &cooked some tasty things, got a haircut, started my garden prep work (more on this soon), did some running, shopping (for work clothes.  sale pants at the Gap and 2 sale shirts at J. Crew), shopping for running shoes (no purchase yet but found 2 possibilites), lots of reading, watched lots of March Madness games, worked at a MOQ fish fry, took my nieces and nephew to the Hunger Games, met with my financial adviser, and met homebase at the Hitchcock Nature Center.
I also got to the grocery store yesterday so I can meet my new goal of bringing my lunch 4 times a week.  A big switch but one that will be good for me & my bank account.  It'll be a change.  One day at a time. :)


  1. Whoa, bringing lunch 4 days a week?! I can only assume Pablos will be the establishment you choose to eat out at most of the time? It's a great goal - healthy for the body and the bank account

  2. Bringing lunch 4 days a week? That is aggressive for you Jake--good luck!!! :)