20 March 2012

March Madness

Whew, we can take a breath now.  The basketball comes so continuous and relentless in those opening two rounds you barely have time to update your bracket and the next round is starting.  I was able to watch a nice number of games this year.  Thursday I watched at home and had wrestling Nationals on ESPN3 playing on the wall.  Friday I met up with some college friends in a tradition that has been going on for five or so years.  Saturday & Sunday I watched while I was back home in Farragut.
I am trying to improve on two years in last place and only doing a fair job of it this year. Two of my Final Four are donezo (Mizzou & Georgetown) but both teams in my final are still alive (Kentucky & Ohio State).  NTW has all 4 of his Final Four still rolling.  stoppable & homebase have 3 of 4.  The Brig is down to 1.
Check out this hilarious article from Slate that picks the bracket based on nicknames.  Literally.  I may have to go this route next year if my luck doesn't change. (I love the Billikens match up and his "While they may be nasty and fearless, the badgers would be better-served by caution in this matchup" comments)
Here are current standings:
1. stoppable
2. NTW
3. homebase
4. middleson
5. The Brig
caboose says he has a bracket but didn't get it submitted in time and we weren't able to get KT or emily this year. 

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