02 March 2012

How long til HMN '12?

Saw this article on GOOD about an infographic from the NY Times yesterday and thought it was interesting to see the changes in meat preferences over time.  Pretty equal between beef, eggs and pork around 1955, and about that same time chicken started its steady climb to the near-top.  Pork's consistency ("The Other White Meat" didn't seem to do much) is unique and I like that they marked the McDonald's milestones on the beef line.  Good stuff.  And now I'm hungry.  (not for McDonald's though)

1 comment:

  1. thought provoking graph here.
    1. what is the vertical index? I don't think I understand the * explanation. Does this mean that things like T-Bones, Ribs, and whole chickens are NOT included?
    2. It's too bad game is excluded (although probably hard to capture even an estimate) as I wonder how much it supplemented american meals prior to world war one.
    3. Agreed. the Pork industry needs to dump that program. (The ad agency could argue that they've lowered the volatility.. but that's about it)
    4. Eggs - wow - they've LOST nearly 50% from their Golden Yolk Years (sorry) I wonder what the driver here is? cholesterol concerns?