05 March 2012

Fish & Birds

In addition to taking a restorative day on Friday to get caught up on things, homebase came in town and we hit up my first fish fry of the season at the Basilica.  They do a good job of it there.  I like the multicultural menu offerings, egg rolls (fantastic) and Spanish rice put a fun twist on the baked & fried fish and mac & cheese.  Stations afterwards and I really enjoy those.  The singer is great, the incense is burning and it is a nice way to finish the week and refocus as the weekend starts. 
Saturday morning we did a little birding at the Saylorville visitors center and even though we were only able to stand the windchills for about 15 minutes, we saw a pretty impressive list: Goldfinches (3), Cardinals (3), Black-capped Chickadees (~12), Bluejays (5), Canada Geese (lots), Red-bellied Woodpeckers (4), Downy Woodpeckers (3), Bald Eagles (lots), Tufted Titmouse (4), and the prize find was the Common Redpoll, which contrary to its name is actually classified as uncommon.  The same size as a goldfinch there were a couple hanging out on the thistle feeder, munching away.  It was a life-list for both of us.  We also parked on the dam and watched the 30+ eagles hanging out on the ice pack and playing on the strong winds. 
Some shopping at Trader Joes and making my first stop on the new location of Active Endeavors (fantastic!) were also great fun. 
A fun filled visit for sure! 


  1. Speaking of 30+ eagles, have you checked back at Fisher Lake to see if the eagles hang out there anymore?

    I wonder if the Active Endeavors here has the hat I tried on in Iowa City...that was probably the best one I've tried on, thus far! (I clearly don't want to give up on my hat search, no matter how painful it is)

  2. Loved the weekend getaway. Love Active Endeavors, didn't think anyplace was more $$ than Fin and Feather in ICity but found one!! :) sure is great stuff though, already wore my North Face shirt, soft as butter , warm as toast, :) Thanks for a good time.

  3. @ Nic - 1) Fisher Lake is dried up mud flats now. No water so no eagles. There are lots at Saylorville though, only like a mile away. 2) Good luck, but you are on your own for hat shopping. :)

    @homebase - I was amazed I got out of that store without a purchase. SO MUCH cool stuff. Knives, gloves, bottles, swim trunks, fleeces, i LOVED it all. You got a great color on your top!