13 February 2012

Rebranding Teaching

When two or more things that I like come together in a new collaboration, that is what really gets me excited.  You love them separately, how awesome will they be together!  (I was going to put together this long funny list of synergizing collaborations that get me excited but I ended up scrapping it).
So this is the newest one...the profession of teaching AND design & branding.  BOOM!!!
I know.  It's fantastic and long overdue.  We don't need any more pictures of chalkboards, apples, schoolhouses, denim jumpers, etc.  Education is a changing field that is vital to our country's future.  We need to be enticing bright young minds to consider the vocation, not make them recall what it might've been like to be a third-grader in the 50's!
This happened when a Massachusetts teacher submitted a request to NYC public radio's Studio 360, a  program that rethinks culturally significant items.  GOOD has a nice article on it. Hyperakt, a design studio, took up the challenge and put together some super cool things.  You can see more detail on their website or on the newly created InspireTeachers.org site.  (And I encourage you to do so.  I don't think GOOD chose the best pieces for their article).  The project has become the most popular thing Hyperakt has been a part of.  The pdf download of their full presentation is insightful to see what a design presentation looks like and it sheds light on how the ideas evolved.  The regional branding is cool and I love the yellow poster...Broaden Horizons, Teach Human Migration, Nurture Brilliance, Help Potential Blossom.  So cool.  All images are free and downloadable.  So add a little positive branding to your classroom or website!

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  1. Love the concept, reminds me of some collegiate branding at art and design schools I've seen. The cupcake and cake decorations? Maybe not necessarily vital to the imagery but loved the logic and curiosity symbols and their interaction with the photos.