07 February 2012

var Coding = "fun!";

As a technology teacher, I've felt that we spend too much time "teaching" keyboarding, Powerpoint, Word, etc. We need to think more creatively and incorporate some of that into core classes and integration those tech lessons.  Doing so might allow for more time in tech classes to teach coding and programming languages.  This is an area that is critical now and will only become more-so.  There is lots of concern about building up the offerings and rigor of these areas in our schools. 
A friend recently sent me the link to Codecademy, an online tool that teaches JavaScript coding.  I am hooked.  My friend said the difficultly increases quickly but it is fun for now and I think it would be a great tool for adults or kids that wanted to learn the basics. 
There are a lot of online tools listed on this page and Google has their Code University for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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  1. Very interesting. I think you have a very valid point here...I just learned in my class that IT-related jobs are going to be among the fastest growing in the next decade. (which is not jaw-dropping, nor surprising information...I more just wanted to show that I'm learning in my class :) )