03 February 2012

A Peek inside the Office

Two pictures I snapped earlier this week in my office...
This first one shows the jade plant that I have had for about four years or so.  It lived in my classroom, even when it was stuck beside a super drafty window during the winter but all of a sudden it just started dropping all of its leaves and sort of leaned over.  I tried more water, closer to the window, no response.  I'm guessing it was just its time.  Not sure on the cause of death, but it will be missed.  
This other one is what my desk looked like at one point and I just thought it was ridiculous so I took a picture. 


  1. that would make me crazy before coffee break

  2. haha, what a funny pic. i agree with les, might have a little bit of an overload issue. :)

  3. I'm sorry for your loss of the jade plant, but I have a GIANT one that will need a home soon, so starting picking out a place.... Just when you thought you were safe!