24 February 2012

Fewer Kick Returns

Looks like kickoffs will be teed up on the 35 yd line this coming season instead of the 30 (therefore more touchbacks, fewer returns) and a touchback will be spotted at the 25 yd line instead of the 20.  (shorter scoring drives, more points).  This, along with several other adjustments, is meant to reduce injury.  Side effects may include reducing the importance of kick & kick cover special teams, making kicking out of bounds even more costly (the receiving team would get to start on the 40)  and by reducing the number of kicks returned, depriving the crowd of one of the more electric aspects of the game.


  1. ...and what is with the new rule about losing your helmet? in the past few years, i've thought too many helmets were flying off...but to make that player sit out the next snap because of it? strange.
    would suck to have your favorite team up by a touchdown, playing defense on your own 1 yd line and your 350 lb nose tackle can play that down because his helmet fell off the previous play...
    surely people will "accidentally" lose their helmet when a hurry-up offense is driving down the field and the defense needs to make a few substitutions.
    are people that actually know the game of football making these decisions?
    sorry...rant over.

  2. I heard this too, I don't know that much about football but thought it over and done before much discussion. Very strange about the helmets.