28 February 2012

Class Act

While I was on the deep south side yesterday, I was treated to an odd and ridiculous occurrence.  I was standing in the principal's office, setting up a cart of new iPads when a parent comes into the office right outside the door.  Not only does he have a dip in (tough to hide it when it is the size of a golf ball) and our school campuses are tobacco-free zones, but he is carrying his spitter with him.  And using it.  No one says anything to him and he obviously is a regular because the office manager knows him and they strike up a friendly conversation.  The principal also stops to say hi on his way by.  The whole time the dude is spitting into an empty Sprite can.  Thumbs down.


  1. detest that stuff, how utterly disgusting, so gross. that about covers my thoughts on that