22 February 2012

Chicken Stock Cubes

I made a couple recipes out of Rick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen last weekend.  Pepian verde de pollo and Arroz verde al poblano.  They tasted great, but it was the greenest plate of food I've ever had.  I always enjoy his recipes. Trying out some new ingredients and techniques.  I love pumpkin seeds so it was great to try out Mexican ones, toasting them and them blending them into a sort of green mole.
You cooked up a whole chicken with onions, carrots, bay leaves and such before putting it with the sauce, and you use a few cups of the resulting chicken stock in the sauce but there is quite a bit leftover.  I had seen a tip a while back about putting pesto into ice-cube trays and freezing to have serving sizes amounts to reheat and I thought that might work out well for this.  So I used some glasses that held a cup each, poured out the stock, froze it and put the 1 cup chunks in a freezer bag. Now I'm ready to use them for making rice, soup or whatever!


  1. good job on conserving, rather than just throwing it out. someone once informed me of the billions of pounds of food thrown away each year - astounding! :)