09 February 2012

5 pieces of advice...

Fr. Jim Martin is the most social media-tapped in Jesuit that I know and he regularly puts out things that I find value in.  As mentioned before, I read one of his books ("My Life with the Saints") recently and there was so much in it that I was a little worn out by the end of it.  I saw this article from Fr. Jim today and thought it did a nice job of taking a selection of the points from his book and boils it down into five pieces of advice. 
  1. Allow Yourself to be Human
  2. You Don't Have to be Someone Else to be Holy
  3. You're Not Married to Everyone
  4. Don't Let Anyone Prevent You From Becoming the Person You Want to be
  5. You're Not Jesus
Simple yet significant points that are great for quiet reflection and just in time for Lent.  While #3 & #5 seem to have a lot of crossover and I like them a lot, #4 is my favorite.  I would make that into a poster and post it in my classroom if I still had one.

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  1. I almost cut and paste this yesterday to send to you boys. Ha ha same thoughts It is very good advice.