05 January 2012

Surprising Comments On a Great Day

I walked into a 2nd grade classroom this morning where a class of rapt faces encircled their teacher as she made a picture book come to life.  A tall stranger darkening their door never goes unnoticed in school and heads twisted around as a few "Who's that?" whispers were let loose.  The teacher ignores their questions and I approached her to assist with her email setup.  As she was explaining the situation, the girl who obviously was the leader of the pack, sitting front and center, asked her classmates in a strong, authoriative voice, "OK. If that is your parent, raise your hand." She was not pleased when no one fessed up. 

Basking in the 60 degree temps and wonderful sunshine after work today, I ran a couple laps around Gray's Lake and then walked another one with Nicole.  The place was busy, so there was some great people watching as we made our way around.  As we crossed the bridge, we picked up a snippet of conversation as this guy was talking to his lady: "I'm a lady's man!  What can I say?"  He was obviously floundering a bit in trying to explain or excuse something.  "I'm just a lady's man, ya know?!  Like this guy, he knows what I mean," he continued, pointing at me.  Not sure what I was supposed to do, I could only laugh it off.  Definitely entertaining.


  1. I go for the first one. Love remarks by kids! My kids are so proud of their new shoes, shirts, sweaters etc., after Christmas. They strut around when they see me.. patting the new shirt.. holding out a foot till you say. " Did you get those for Christmas?" and their face lights up and they say yes from Santa. I say, " You look so nice in that pretty sweater ( whatever it is ) they say, "I KNOW!!" :)

  2. hilarious. Kids are so funny. Like this guy. Ya know what I mean? This guy does. Am I right?

  3. I love the story of the little girl. You know she is going to grow up and be exactly like that girl you had in summer school a couple of years ago :)