25 January 2012

Oscar Nominations Announced

Check them out here.  And while there you can take a stroll through Oscar history, download the Oscar app, see what Oscar topics are trending on twitter and all sorts of things. 
One month to decide what to wear, what to cook, what movies to pick and try to view as many good ones as possible.  I've got a ways to go, but I'm going to have to look over the list to try and find some that catch my interest.
[edit.  I came across this video compilation of some of the cinematic hits of the 00's.  There were quite a few I didn't know, but lots that put a smile on my face too.]


  1. Eek, I have a long ways to go - I've only seen 1 out of the category for Best Picture, which is "The Help"

    Using that app last year was the first time I ever really played around with an iPad!

    Another red carpet event this year?

  2. so excited...i'm half way through the list of best picture nominations.