08 January 2012

Maffitt Resevoir

The Iowa Ornithologists Union has a message board that I signed up for this week and it has turned out to be a good learning resource.  It's helpful to read what species of bird people are seeing, when and where they are finding them and how they go about their searches.  There were several mentions of Maffitt Reservoir on there and a co-worker had mentioned that place to me months ago as a great running route (6 miles, can't wait to try it) so I thought I'd check it out Saturday morning.  I was there by 7:45, and could see the sun shining from behind the trees as it was coming up.  It is a really great place, picnic areas, lots of paths down to the water, driving paths along three sides and a nature trail connecting on the fourth side.  I saw two different families of deer, ~15 Trumpeter Swans, maybe a 100 or so Canada geese (and a few Cackling Geese in there too I think), a group of Common Goldeneye which were very pretty although skittish, juncos, and four Common Merganser.  There were a couple other duck types there but I couldn't identify them without a scope.
A little over an hour and a great start to my day.  I will definitely be heading back for nature, running and also summer relaxing.  More pix on flickr (including NYEE pix!)


  1. I'm excited to check out that running route! I always welcome a change in scenery. Great pictures too!

  2. it is just incredible that you got such a wonderful picture, the light of dawn but so clear and upclose. Great job.