20 January 2012


Timing "coincidences" (if that is what you believe they are) are such odd things.
Last night I was poking through the 69 cent section in the iTunes Store.  We had quite a fun time, listening to all the 'One Hit Wonder' lists, "80's Hit'" lists, etc.  I ended up buying a couple songs and putting a few more on the wish list to ruminate on for a few days before plunking down my cash.  One of the ones I purchased was "I'd Rather Go Blind" by Etta James.
And this morning, I read that she had died.  :(
Well, I listened to that sad, soulful song several times today in honor of her. (And "At Last." Those opening strings and then her first words...so good.)


  1. the passing of a master

    "my heart was wrapped in clover..."

  2. i found a link to beyonce singing "At Last" as Etta, and thought I'd post it back here as a reminder that you can imitate but you can never duplicate. then as the song went on I realized it was a testament to the towering differences in their style. not flattering. suffice to say Etta had a power in her voice not often found in even world class performers.