19 January 2012

The Beauty of Kitchen Time

The following scenario is just one of the many things I love about cooking and something that popped into my head tonight after making a top-shelf tuna casserole.  Woah, wait, I hear you saying, "how can tuna casserole possibly by top-notch?'  Well, let me just say that it involved mushrooms and onions sauted in butter, three hard-boiled eggs, three cans of tuna, Mexican crema, two cheeses and was topped with stoppable's homemade hot sauce.  And all ingredients were things already on hand.
I really love the moment that happens when, after all the prep work, recipe reading, step following, cleaning up after yourself, assembling it all you get to let it simmer, bake, cook down or, in this case, pop in it the oven, and you set the timer.  Now you have this wonderful moment when you get to sit down on the stepstool that is in the kitchen explicitly for this purpose, or,  like at my old apartment, sit down in "the perch" (a wonderful little spot on the end of the counter with your feet on the radiator looking out all the windows).  After standing for who know's how long you get to sit down and take a load off.  Ten minutes, twenty minutes, an hour, whatever.  You sit by the stove, basking in its heat on this cold day.  As the dish starting to heat, cook, and come together you start to smell the aromas of all your hard work.  You grab a book or you relax and enjoy a drink and just enjoy the music (Jack Johnson in this case) and soak in those lucious lazy restorative minutes all for yourself.  And then, to cap it off, the timer announces that you have a delicious, piping-hot dinner awaiting you.
Life is too good sometimes. I hope you all had nice warm dinners on this chilly Iowa winter eve.


  1. oh I want to taste that melty cheese and tuna... love that flavor.. I think cooking is really the best fun most days myself. I started cooking cookies and pies then went to Bread for years an years. I am so glad you enjoy it too. Nothing better than home cooked meals. :) Great day.

  2. good post. images were popping into my head while reading every sentence. the meal sounds tasty. stacy and i had a gourmet tuna noodle casserole at a restaurant in scottsdale--fnb (http://fnbrestaurant.com/) on their secret "late night" menu. it was fantastic.
    i love cooking and helping stacy out in the kitchen. i like being the sous chef, doing all the little things to help make a great meal. last night we had homemade italian wedding soup--handmade meatballs and everything. it was good.

  3. Great post - evocative imagery.

    Last night was Pasta Russo -- a variation on Mom's Spaghetti Florentine. Includes both a red and bechemel sauces :)