10 January 2012

316 yards courtesy of God?

The Wall Street Journal asked Fr. James Martin, my favorite Jesuit, to pen his thoughts on Tim Tebow's fantastic overtime win performance from the weekend in the article "Is God Answering Tim Tebow's Prayers?"  The stat sheet showed that he had 316 yards passing, 10 completions, 31.6 per catch.  A very popular number with him, John 3:16 is often on his eyeblack during games. 
I thought this article was great, much more than just a fun, timely headline.  It offers some serious insight and explanations into several hard to digest concepts, not just is God helping Tebow to succeed.  Why to bad things happen to good people? Why are my prayers not always answered how I want them to be?

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  1. Fabulous answer by Fr. James Martin, love his quote "Real religion is the idea that if you believe all may not go well but in the end there is nothing to worry about"