07 January 2012

2011 in 5 Songs

I want to start this post by sharing my deep appreciation with every single person who sent me their five chosen songs.  This project is SO enjoyable for me.  It combines so many things I love...music, sharing & gaining new music tips, lists, a bit of technology, and most importantly communicating with friends and family that I probably wouldn't otherwise.  Since I am not organized enough to send out Christmas cards, these emails, while brief, at least give me a reason to reach out to people and hear a bit on how their year was, share with them how I am, and here a sentence or two about why they chose these songs.  Music is one of my go-to conversation starters and I love it for that.  Enough rambling though...on to the pick list!
We have more people involved this year, 23 (two late additions take us to 25!), which is fantastic.  I hope to keep growing by a few people each year.  Maybe next year I'll say that everyone I invite should forward on the invitation to 1 other person.  That is the only thing I don't like about this list is that I am the only person who knows everyone on here.  So it is VERY enjoyable for me to read and listen to, knowing each persons personality, but not everyone can share in that.  Let me know what you think.  I'm also going to think about ways I could include 1 sentence explanations for each song.  I feel like that really adds something.
The variety is fantastic, like last year.  Local bands and world pop smashes.  Rock bands and classical flutists.  Different languages, countries, continents.  Florence + the Machine made the list four times...with three different songs! And I now have a dozen or more songs that I want to go buy on iTunes and several artists that I want to check out more.  
This link has the list in pdf form.  Save a copy to your machine if you so choose.  Each song is linked to a YouTube video except for two that I couldn't find on YouTube so I linked to the song in iTunes.  I also put all the songs into a YouTube playlist so you can just start it and play through the songs without all the clicking.  A quick glance at the YouTube play counts shows that the most viewed was Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" with 212 million and the least viewed was Rogue Valley's "Onward and Over" with 117. 

So a heartfelt thank you to all and here's to a wonderful and musical 2012.  Happy listening!


  1. Great work! Can't wait to listen to the youtube playlist what a great addition!

  2. thanks for putting together such a fun project!

  3. Love this and am going now to listen to new stuff and spend an iTunes certificate. Thanks for doing this. I agree next year...challenge people to add a short phrase or sentence to decipher!