19 December 2011


I tried tripe for the first time tonight. 
As anyone in my family will tell ya, I am not one for letting anything go to waste simply because I don't like it.  Tonight, I just couldn't do it.  caboose and I ate at Tacos Andreas, our favorite taqueria, and I ordered three tacos (1 steak, 1 tongue, 1 tripe) and a gordita.  (Yes I was a glutton.)  I have had the toungue taco many times and it is great.  But I haven't had the tripe or the cheek and I saw them both tempting me on the menu so I thought, what the heck.
The first problem was when it came...it actually looked like what it is.  [I remember seeing it for the first time in the grocery by my place in Chicago.  It terrified me.]  I took a piece of the meat and tossed it down the hatch to try it out.  The consistency of it is what got me.  It is very mushy/fatty/mealy.  Undaunted I garnished with some of their fabulous hot sauce and took a big bite of taco.  That bite went down, but even before I'd finished I knew that it would be my last bite of tripe for the night.
At least I can say I've had it.  Now, on to the cheeks!


  1. sounds disgusting.. why? bean tacos are the best. no meat or sometimes chorizo.

  2. I'm not sure I could "stomach" it.

    Good for you for trying it out at least. It's always good to try new things - won't know if you like it otherwise. I didn't think I'd like the tongue when we went there, but it was actually good!

    I'll be interested to hear what you think of the cheek.

  3. "he swallowed tripe and lard by the yard"...
    that line from Johnny McEldoo was all that kept running through my head.

  4. 1. i think you'll find the cheek much more palatable
    2. Johnny McEldoo was sauced at the time. There may be a hint about enjoying one's first taste of tripe hidden there...