06 December 2011

Music Lessons with John Mayer

Even though I give caboose a lot of guff about his man-crush for this guy, I can't deny that I am a fan of John Mayer.  I didn't know that he had written a small monthly column for Esquire back in 2007 but after caboose told me about it, I searched for them and read through all of them tonight (my favorite being this one).  I love writing from an expert, who knows the topic inside and out, but still retains an ability to reflect on it, communicate their thoughts to the average person, and also shine a light on things that we wouldn't have known or been able to discover on our own.  The most recent Rolling Stone has an article on the top 100 guitarists and for the top 10 individuals, they each have a synopsis written by a contemporary world-level guitarist.  It was these articles that got caboose and I talking about music writing. 
Perhaps partly due to the fact that I am such a poor writer when it comes to expressing my thought about music, I definitely enjoyed both of these magazines articles.  Check them out and see if you agree.


  1. sweet post; sweet list. i like me some john mayer too.
    i with i had...let me rephrase that...i need to make more time to listen to music. so much good stuff out there that i'm missing.

  2. Apparently Esquire is blocked at work now, but luckily I read these when they were coming out.

    This was also the very first era of the "I'm a little TOO funny and making fun of myself" john mayer. Like the one where he posts his last 5 charges on his AmEx. Meant to sorta show how celebs are just people who buy shit like anyone else, only he thought it'd be funny to include a (possibly) fake HUGE charge to a phone sex line. Sorta funny. Also... a little creepy.

    However, the one about the minor 6-4-1-5 chord progression that's in like every 90s hit chorus - that one was cool.