20 December 2011

More on Stephen Bloom

I have refrained from commenting on the Stephen Bloom uproar going on around the state the past week or so.  (SNG gathered some of the good ones on his blog.) I read his article and, obviously, disagreed with some of his "reflections" but whatever.  And I read his book, "Postville", back in 2004 and actually enjoyed it quite a bit.  It made the top of my book list that year!  But I liked it because it was a focused look at a rural community with an older population and the culture clashes they had as they dealt with the Lubavich Jewish slaughterhouses growing in their community. 
Anyways...this piece from today's DM Register is the best reply to Bloom that I've seen yet.  Ken Fuson had me laughing at a couple parts of it.  Enjoy.


  1. That is a great piece of writing--:) Can't wait for all the "Iowa" jokes when the caucuses start. We should have this piece available for news reporters. :)

  2. I think that you scored the best response piece with this one. Very well done, and yes, some good laughs to boot.