30 December 2011

Listen Up, AMC!

After visiting the movie theater twice over break (and hopefully once more this weekend) I thought this article from Roger Ebert encapsulated some sentiments that are 1) dead on and 2) things that should be common sense, regarding why movie ticket sales are slumping.
I went before noon both times so ticket prices were not a concern (plus homebase paid for me) but $8 for a large popcorn?!?!  And the large popcorn is the size of a laundry hamper! And $7.50 for a large pop that probably costs them under a quarter?  No thanks.  I don't feel bad for sneaking in treats now.
That is one of the reasons the Varsity remains my favorite place to see a film.  Diverse movie selections, cheap refreshments, homemade caramel corn to buy in a Zip-lock baggie.  


  1. Spot on for you & Roger. Iowa Guru & I & our guest hope to hit two or three flicks to bring in the end of the holiday season, but we'll avoid the snack bar & try to work a matinee for a price break. Also, Ebert is right, the selection is often abysmal. Thank goodness for TCM!

  2. When he mentioned how theaters are losing their charm - it made me think about how much I love going to Fleur and the Varsity because of their "old school" feel. My first Varsity experience was great and I remember how amazed I was upon hearing what it cost for the soda and caramel corn - I don't think you could sneak in refreshments for that cheap!

  3. i couldn't agree more...what movies did you see?