24 December 2011


Here are a few fun year-in-review type things from GOOD magazine. 

The GOOD 100: I love ____ is the new _____ statements.  They are so simple and as easy to decide if you agree, disagree or don't understand.  There were a few things from this list that I had to research further.  Bring on 2012.
The Year in Infographics:  I am a sucker for infographics.  Even though I've never made one, I went to a session at the last conference I was at that shared how to use them in a classroom setting, just so I can learn more about them.  This collection isn't their best stuff, in my opinion, but it still has some good stuff. The school lunch/prison lunch one is depressing, while the money buys happiness (experiential vs material) has me thinking about my spending in 2012.  You can check out their infographics page to see all of them for the year and pick your favorite.  
The Year in Awesome People:  My favorite of the bunch.  Everyday folks deciding to do the right thing or the extraordinary thing...two things which some times are one and the same.  Perfect reading for Christmas Eve. 

1 comment:

  1. loved the infographs, agreed that some are better than others. the education = income sounded interesting but was hard for me to interpret the balance between the 3 colors and resutling hues when combined. I did like the $ = happines, although it fell a bit short in total information relayed.