08 December 2011

Goats & Bees

A year ago during winter break I read an article, and I can't recall all the particulars now so I'll probably ruin the story, but it was about a woman who had a husband who was a youth hockey coach.  She learned that there were some kids that couldn't afford all the gear so she bought it for them and gave it to them for Christmas.  She liked doing it so every year she would save her change and buy gifts for local kids in need.  This was also about the time that I was finishing reading "The Power of Half" (fantastic) and homebase and I talked about doing something different for Christmas.  So she found a Ace Hardware bucket and we started the fund.  It grew over the year from pocket change, a few bills, money from redeeming cans, etc.
When we were all back home over Thanksgiving, we dumped it out on the floor and started counting.  (Yes, I realize the bank will do this for you for free but we wanted to know!  And it is more meaningful doing it by hand.)  We totaled it all up and found out we had $293.  So then we pulled up the Oxfam, Heifer and Catholic Relief Services websites, everyone gathered around and we started shopping!  Our group reached a decision and it we are the joyful donors of a tribe of goats and some honey bees!  The goat video is fun.  I'd like to be there for the redistribution! I think it'd be a ball.
Can't wait to see what we can get next year!
Also, sticking with that theme of appreciating the random fortune that has put us where we have all that we need, homebase sent me this link to Sanjay Gupta speaking about what he's witnessed and experienced in his travels. Well worth the four minutes to click on it.


  1. I love our "Change for Change" bucket and yes, it does have a few coins already for next yr. Thanks for all your generous donations family. It will make a difference in a few lives I am sure. :)

  2. Great idea for saving and putting pocket change towards such a good cause. "Change for change" - I love that.