12 December 2011

Cedric Delsaux: "Dark Lens"

Stoppable sent this link out this morning and it is the coolest thing I have seen in ages.  Cedric Delsaux is a French photographer and this "Dark Lens" series synthsizes gritty, deserted urban landscapes (France & Dubai) with Star Wars characters and machines.  They are completely fantastic.
One of the interesting things is that some of these photos look like they could've come straight from one of the movie sets.  And the movies had that fantastic quality that they were cool and new but at the same time, were still realistic enough that you could recognize some things are that would've fit in our world.  It is that blurring of lines between the actual world and a galaxy far, far away that the movies as well as these photos do some magically.
I love the soul-chilling power in some of these shots.  It echoes that feeling you get when watching the movies and you see an Imperial starship glide ghostly overhead or Vader slow-walking towards you, lightsaber drawn.
“I still remember how blown away I was by its visual power, but more important was the feeling of the absolute freedom, creative extravagance even, hundreds of ships, creatures, parallel worlds, a complete cosmogony...I felt the ‘Star Wars’ characters were allowing me to render the reality of our world in more ways than any so-called objective shot ever could. Expressing reality through fiction could actually be my photographic credo.”
The NYTimes articleThe NYTimes slideshowThe full slideshow on his website.
My personal favorite five:
  • The Falcon's Hiding Place
  • Vader Surveys the New Construction
  • Imperial Guard on Rooftop
  • Foggy AT-AT over Interstate
  • The Buick
  • Honorable Mention: X-Wing Accident