20 November 2011


Nicole and I took in Wicked at the Civic Center on Friday and despite it being the second time seeing it, it was still a great time.  She chose the pre-show dinner location of Sbrocco (#27 on the recent central Iowa top 100) and we picked a few things off their 'social plates' menu for sampling. 
  • Pan seared New Bedford scallops/ cauliflower puree/ caramelized Maui onions/ watercress/ apple cider syrup
  • Smoked Chilean seabass/ creamed leeks/ pickled pearl onions/ fig syrup 
  • Cheese plate with Manchego (Spain), Frommage d'Affinoise (French), Carr Valley Benedictine (US), and Mobay (US). 
I though the visual presentation & plating could've been better.  And the scallops were not anything remarkable.  But I did like the sea bass.  The cheese plate was fun, a good mix of soft & firm, strong and mild cheeses.  There were some Marcona almonds on the plate also as well as some peppered Turkish apricots which were the surprise gem of the night for me.
The play was great.  The music is so fabulous you can't help but enjoy it.  We did agree that the girl playing Glinda didn't really have the caliber of pipes that were necessary.  Oh well, just means I'll have to listen to Kristen Chenowith and Idina Mendzel doing it justice on my iPod. :)
Capping the night off with a couple martinis at the Lift and it was a fun Friday evening!


  1. sounds like a great evening! fun running into you.

  2. It was fun to sample the different cheeses, and see how different our tastes are :)

    It was fun to be able to see the costumes in closer detail - we should've nabbed those seats that couple offered us during intermission though!! Defying Gravity was the highlight for me - by far my favorite part of the show.

    Martinis were great. I'm not sure what I did with my "list" napkin, although I can probably replicate the list pretty easily.

    Thanks again for the fun evening. I had a blast!