17 November 2011

Sunday NY Times

As I mentioned in my recap when I came back from Philadelphia, while I was there I was talked into signing up for a subscription to the NY Times.  This was right after they had instituted their paywall and I thought I'd try it out and see how many articles I read per month and I could always cancel later.  I haven't cancelled yet and, although I haven't really kept track, my monthly article count is usually somewhere in the 30's but has dipped severely recently.  But what has been interesting is that the home delivery of the Sunday Times, which was a requirement to get the good deal, has been great.  When I'm around all weekend, I love picking up the paper on the way in once I get back from church and flipping through the sections as I make and enjoy my breakfast.  It's no wonder that people have enjoyed doing that for so long.  And it's a shame that the Register is such a pale imitation of what it used to be back in its glory days. 
In last Sunday's paper I found the following three articles very enjoyable and thought I'd share...but my week's been super busy so you're not getting them til now...
  1. "Ideas for cutting military spending" - This is a letter to the editor that was sparked by this article about an interview with Leon Panetta.  I hadn't read the original article but, after digesting the letter to the editor, I went back and checked it out.  The really amazing thing is the credibility and quality of the authors that submitted responses - senior fellows, asst secretary of defense, professors, etc.  This, in addition to the fact that they make the cuts sound so commonsense and doable.  Very different from the dialogue we get when listening to politicians views on them.
  2. "I'll have the red: hot sauce, island by island" - I LOVE a good hot sauce.  My favorite for the last 10 years or so has been El Yucateco's Kutbil-Ik.  Discovered at my lunch spot, Pablo's, it is fiery, earthy and fantastic.  My other favorite taqueria, Tacos Andreas, offers three bowls of sauces with your meal, a red and green and a yellow/brown.  And they are all heavenly.  So this article about trying out all the homemade pepper sauces across the Caribbean sounded that a dream vacation.  Stoppable would be my ideal partner for this, as that guy can handle about any heat level and he gets the credit for initiating my hot sauce education.  He also just made his own pepper sauce which I can't wait to try.
  3. "A town creates its own department store" - Having spent some time teaching business and entrepreneurship classes, this article caught my eye and, by the end, also captured my imagination.  It is such a timely story, with the Occupy Wall Street movement happening and the push-back against behemoth banks this is the perfect fairytale.  Citizens band together and create their own, co-operative department store.  Keep Wal-Mart out of town, protect mom & pop stores, develop the civic & community responsibilities of the townsfolk, shared sacrafice for the collective good, keep shoppers in town instead of traveling to mega-malls, revitalize a vacant storefront.  Oh my gosh, be still my heart!  Don't get me started.  This is exactly the type of project that I could leave my job for. 


  1. what interesting posts here, I have always loved the NY times on Sunday myself, started by reading the greenleafs when I was there on weekend visits. They are fun people to be around the table with and all of us sharing parts of the paper to read and comment on. I especially love the book section-those reviews are written so well. :)

  2. love the idea of a "local" department store. great read.

  3. The Sunday NYT is great for book reviews, interesting commentary, including interesting ideas from academic economists (who can write for a wide audience)in the Business section, and Iowa Guru loves the Arts & Leisure section. Good stuff, overall.