12 November 2011

ND fashion makeover

More Irish news, this time out of South Bend instead of Ireland.
Notre Dame has announced that they signed an agreement with adidas to have a one-off game each season at a neutral location and they will unveil some non-traditional uniforms and helmets for that game.  I am an out-spoken fan of tradition.  So I have great respect and apprecation for teams like Penn State, LSU, Iowa, USC, Georgia, etc.  They have a classic look and they stick with it.  I don't mind team's having fun and taking one game to sport a modern, different look.  Nike has done some cool things for teams like Georgia, West Virginia, TCU, etc.  But you need to stick with what works.
So even though I'm not sure I'll be a fan of what Notre Dame is wearing later today (white cleats?, green jerseys, green facemasks?, and that shamrock is TOO big), I am ok with them trying it out...and then retiring it for the year.  I saw a couple interviews with Notre Dame players before the Michigan game where they got to wear the throwback jerseys and helmets and I think doing fun things like this does matter to players.  They see Oregon, Maryland, Oklahoma State, etc doing wild things and wearing sick uniforms and they want to do something different too.


  1. I love stuff like this, I want to visit the bookstore for a shirt or two for myself.

  2. Helmet--much smaller shamrock and need ND on the top or actually on the side and put Shamrock on the middle on top--just have them call me, I am sure I could fix it. :)