03 November 2011

In the News...

Three news articles that caught my eye recently...
  • I don't get into the whole intense discussion and nit-picking about coaching decisions and such.  But I did read this article and I loved the Iowa AD's quote at the end, "You can have a whole discussion about what the marketplace is, isn’t, what it should be, or what it shouldn’t be. That’s a separate discussion. Do we have the person that best fits Iowa? We have somebody who has taken us to a very high level competitively, someone who graduates student-athletes at a level that’s among the top in the country, somebody that I trust as he brings in young people and develops them as people. Yes, we’re getting the bang for our buck.”
  • Although I have no interest in NFL games, this article did lure me in.  Tim Tebow always seems to cause strong feelings and conversations, but I think mimicking or making fun of someone's spiritual actions or the strength of their convictions just goes to show the shallowness of that person.
  • And we'll finish with a local story...I'll admit that I clicked on this link mainly to read the details of a child endangerment story and to see if I knew the teen involved.  And as lamentable and depressing as the details of the story are, the teen's actions and decisions impressed me and I tip my hat to him.  Rider Pride!

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