01 November 2011

And on the 32nd day, he rested...

Just a little recap on my 31 in 31 challenge.  I made it through the month with complete success.  I didn't regret a single run and there were only two or three that weren't totally pleasant.  My splits improved as the month went on.  I shed some unnecessary pounds.  Thanks to a dry month, I never had to run in rain or snow.  A complete, illustrated breakdown of the data will have to wait, but a few raw numbers:  108 total miles (my avg run was 3.5 miles), 15 and a half hours of running time.  Temps ranged from 84 to 35 degrees.  As a prize, I treated myself to this cool bracelet from Starbucks (also a boost to the jobs situation)!
So I took tonight off and relaxed, but I will definitely be running more often than I had been.


  1. Pretty impressive to run 31 days in a row. New routes, keeping company with the rosary, great temps, overall improvement in your running - I'd call that a success. I may need to borrow this idea come spring.


  2. very impressive. congrats.